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Pneumatic Precision Planter

  • The pneumatic seed distribution system ensures a uniform seed-to-seed distance.
  • Placements of seed at a uniform depth.
  • Drop one seed at a time without damaging seeds during the sowing operation
  • Cost & labor savings thus increasing profitability.

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We are in the industary for more than 8 years.
All type of repair is available in house.
Best service facility available at very economical pricing
All parts are available of this tool.
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Traditional sowing methods like manual sowing, bullock drew or tractor-driven seed drills lead to uneven distribution of seeds and fertilizer which takes a toll on the crop yield. Shaktiman Pneumatic Precision Planter is a tractor-operated machine that uses a pneumatic metering mechanism for placing seeds & fertilizer at a certain depth with uniform spacing. Establishing a good crop stand helps attain maximum and uniform germination of seeds, resulting in vigorous seedlings in the field.


  • Vacuum Metering Mechanism
  • Double Seed Eliminator
  • Hydraulic Row Marker
  • Parallelogram Mechanism



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