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Reversible MB Plough

  • Completely inversion of soil
  • Helps in improving the humus content of the soil
  • Helps in reducing soil compaction
  • Levels the field and does not leave a trench in between the field, which is common in non-reversible plough
  • Depth can be adjusted up to 16 inches depending on soil type
  • Robust, durable, and low maintenance – easy to use
  • Soil contracting parts are made of RAEX-B33 Material

Reasons to buy

We are in the industary for more than 8 years.
All type of repair is available in house.
Best service facility available at very economical pricing
All parts are available of this tool.
Phone support for all of our clients.
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The Hydraulic Reversible Plough comes with a precisely hardened and tempered moldboard which facilitates best-in-class soil inversion. This ensures the percolated nutrients and moisture below reach the topsoil for primary consumption of plants and exposes the sub-surface soil to sunlight which kills harmful bacteria and fungi. It also buries crop residues deep into the soil for speedy decomposition thus keeping a check on weed growth. The high underframe clearance also doesn’t tamper with the ridge and furrows. Farmers now need not burn their crop residue!


  • Multi-Speed Gear Box
  • Rear adjustable levelling bar
  • Special Hardened Mould Board
  • Powder coated
  • Three-point hitch Cat II-III


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