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Mobile Shredder | Fodder Harvestor

Shaktiman Mobile Shredder is a tractor operated agricultural equipment for cutting and shredding crop stalks to clear the field fast for next crop. Suitable for row crops such as cotton, castor, maize, chilly and other similar crops. Machine can be operated by any 40 and above hp tractor with dual clutch, attached to 3 point linkage and powered by PTO with 540/1000 rpm through driveshaft.
Mobile Shredder

Non Economical Conventional Practice

Manually clearing crop stalks from filed involves 4 man power per acre to pull out/cut stalks, gathering, allowing to dry and then burning which is

  • » Costly (labor cost @ Rs. 1000/- per acre)
  • » Laborious and time consuming
  • » Polluting air
  • » Degrading soil structure and microbial activities
  • » Unsafe
  • » Wastage of abundant bio mass resources
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