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Rotary Plough / Power Harrow

Shaktiman Rotary Plough is a primary tillage implement. Its blades are sharp and long enough to till depths of any soil and improve its organic structure. Its body frame work is strongly built and promises longer durability which makes it a reliable implement. Shaktiman Rotary Plough is considered the toughest in its category. It can till great depths, break massive clumps and ensure even leveling in just one pass. It is also very useful for converting a barren land into cultivable. Compared to any other tractor operated primary tillage implement, it saves more time and money. Wide range of working width available starting from 100 cms to 250 cms to suit 45 and above HP tractors

Pawer Harrow
Rotary Plough

Features Of Rotary Plough / Power Harrow


Rotary Plough
Features Of Rotary Plough


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