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Roto Seed Drill


Shaktiman Roto Seed Drill is a modern application for preparing seedbed and sowing seeds into soil at the same time. Earlier seed planting and seedbed preparation were done manually which consumed a great deal of time yet could not ensure even balance throughout. Shaktiman Roto Seed Drill overcomes these limitations and avails you a superior alternative of sowing seeds and preparing fine seedbed in a single pass. It is largely suitable for sowing crops like wheat, soya, mustard, maize, pea etc. Also the seed feed-rate can be adjusted with the help of adjusting lever, which allows a great extent of liberty to farmers. It is available with rotary tillers of 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft in size. Seed Drill can be fitted on all Shaktiman Rotary Tiller Series i.e. Regular, Semi Champion & Champion Series.

  • Seedbed preparation, sowing & fertilizer incorporation in a single pass saves fuel and time and also results into less soil compaction.
  • It is a multi-purpose implement which is economical to own.
  • Combo application of Roto Seed and Rotary Tiller ensures high performance.
  • It certifies precise operation due to low vibrations and high durability.
  • Rotary Tiller can be used separately like any other Rotary Tiller after detaching Seed Drill.


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