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Side Shift Rotary Tiller

Shaktiman Side Shift Rotary Tiller is particularly designed for the purpose of delivering an impactful performance in central as well as offset position. This feature allows operating the tiller in areas where tractors have limited access due to their size and also in areas with low-hanging branches of trees. The side shift system of the tiller is based on a hydraulic cylinder. It can be easily operated from the tractor cabin. It allows the drive shaft to remain in straight and ideal position, where on the other hand frame and the rotor shaft adjust in the offset position up to 38 cm so as to perform tillage operations closer to the obstacles. It is mainly used for tilling in vineyards, orchards and other row crop fields. It is suitable for tractors of 25 HP to 60 HP and available in working width from 116 cm to 178 cm.


  • Makes it possible to achieve tillage in areas full of obstacles and less accessible for tractors.
  • Its hydraulic system allows adjusting the offset working position swiftly and comfortably.
  • It is best tillage alternative for row crops.
  • It can work in both, wet and dry conditions and offers a performance as effective as any other Shaktiman product.
  • It allows deeper tillage, prepares fine seedbed and saves diesel consumption.
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